With more than 200 fire units fielded worldwide Patriot is the system of choice for 12 nations around the globe Image courtesy of Raytheon
<p>With more than 200 fire units fielded worldwide, Patriot is the system of choice for 12 nations around the globe. (Image courtesy of Raytheon)</p>

Advanced Routers to Strengthen Patriot Missile Prowess

The Patriot Air and Missile Defense (AMD) system, in service since 1981, is used as the basis for defense systems across the world. The Patriot’s primary manufacturer, Raytheon, recently teamed up with TELDAT to develop and produce advanced militarized routers for the systems. TELDAT engineers and technicians will design, integrate, and qualify key communications networking technologies for the Patriot.

Upgrades will include a new common command and control (CC2) system to create an open architecture and deliver multi-role capabilities, further extending the Patriot’s US/NATO interoperability. A 360-degree, multi-function radar will also be introduced, similar to the radar used by the Medium Extended Air Defense System (MEADS) Multifunction Fire Control Radar (MFCR) (see UPDATE: MEADS Radar Performs 360-Deg. Rotation For Missile Tracking). In addition, they may unveil a new advanced low-cost interceptor (LCI) that would augment the  ability to simultaneously fire multiple missile types.

The Patriot’s modular design facilitates continuous upgrades and modernization efforts. Under the contract, engineers from Raytheon and TELDAT will now begin design work and trade studies. Raytheon had previously upgraded the Patriot’s software and radar as part of the annual Field Surveillance Program (see Software and Radar Upgrades Outfit Patriot Missiles).

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