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Laird Offers EMI "Stoppers"

Plagued by electromagnetic-interference (EMI) shielding issues? You can solve them with a visit to IMS booth No. 2308 and Emerson & Cuming Microwave Products. Recently acquired by Laird Technologies, Emerson & Cuming will be showcasing a trio of their most popular shielding solutions: ECCOSORB®, ECCOSTOCK®, and ECCOSHIELD®. These shielding materials are usable through microwave and millimeter-wave frequencies to suppress unwanted high-frequency radiation and signals, as well as to prevent interference from degrading the performance of an electronic design.

"We have the capability to engineer materials to precise configurations and formulate materials with specific electromagnetic properties," says Doan Quach, Sales and Marketing Coordinator for Emerson & CumingMicrowave Products. . "We offer customized solutions, and IMS 2012 is an excellent opportunity to showcase our technology and why we are an industry-leader in EMI solutions." To assist designers, Laird Technologies also offers white papers for free download on their websites at and

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