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Anokiwave Appoints Upton to Chief Strategy Officer

In anticipation of further expansion into mmWave markets, Alastair Upton has been appointed to the new position of Chief Strategy Officer at Anokiwave.

A new position has been created within innovative semiconductor supplier Anokiwave, that of Chief Strategy Officer (CSO). Effective as of May 2019, the position has been filled by Alastair Upton, who will report directly to the company’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Robert Donahue.

This new position will involve the development and execution of Anokiwave’s business strategy in all key markets. Anokiwave, which is based in San Diego, Calif., has been responsible for novel millimeter-wave (mmWave) integrated circuits and active antennas for emerging telecommunications markets, including 5G.


Alistair Upton has been assigned to the position of Chief Strategy Officer (CSO) at high-frequency semiconductor innovator Anokiwave, reporting directly to the CEO.

Prior to the new position, Upton served as Senior Vice President of Business Development for Anokiwave where he was a large part of developing new 5G business opportunities as well as expanding existing telecommunications markets. He joined Anokiwave in 2018 and brings more than 35 years of experience in the semiconductor industry to the firm, covering both commercial and defense electronics markets. He will be based out of the company’s Billerica, Mass. office.

“Alastair is uniquely qualified to drive business strategy and growth within Anokiwave,” said Robert Donahue, the company’s CEO. “Alastair is an experienced executive with a history of visionary ideas and successful implementation, and is a valuable asset as we continue to ramp our business in 5G, satcom, and radar markets. Anokiwave and its customers will benefit greatly from Alastair’s drive to develop new, innovative products, and to identify and create industry collaborations that foster market and company growth.”

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