Video Amplifiers Consume Less Than 12 mA

AT 0.60 V/(H )0.5 input voltage noise performance, a new pair of high-speed video amplifiers claims to provide 30 percent less noise than the closest competitor in their class. Dubbed the CLC1001 and CLC1002, these amplifiers consume less than 13 mA of supply current. They also offer a disable feature that lowers the supply current to under 225 A. Both amplifiers exhibit 1 mV maximum input offset voltage and superior alternating- current (AC) performance. They are well suited for high-speed data-acquisition systems requiring high levels of sensitivity and signal integrity. The CLC1001 is designed for gains of 10 V/V or higher. While consuming 12.5 mA, it boasts a 2.1-GHz gain bandwidth product, 410 V/ s slew rate, and 130 mA output current drive. Its sibling, the CLC1002, is designed for applications that require lower gains of 5 V/V and above. It features a 965-MHz gain bandwidth product, 170-V/ s slew rate, and 130 mA output current. P&A: $1.20 for the CLC1001 and $1.049 for the CLC1002 in quantities of 1000.

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