RF Interface Front End Operates To 100 MHz 800 To 2400 MHz

TO MEET THE NEEDS OF APPLICATIONS like remote medical reading and pet identification, a new integrated circuit (IC) spans 50 Hz to 100 MHz. The RF interface front end offers a maximum receive data rate of 120 kb/s and a maximum transmit data rate of 5 kb/s. The IC operates from 2.4 to 4 V with a maximum 1.0 A supply current. Its output current is typically 50 A. The front end requires 36 W minimum input power with a maximum of 300 W. For low-power processors under 50 A, the device does not require a battery. A received signal strength detector keeps the logic off until a sufficiently strong signal is received. In fact, the PDO output provides a trigger only when the received signal strength indicator (RSSI) is activated. The IC boasts a charge pump and ASK/PSK modulation for self-powered or passive backscatter applications.

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