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Peregrine Unveils New Quarter-Micron Foundry Process

Silicon-on-insulator semiconductor technology offers distinct advantages in integration, isolation, and power consumption compared to more conventional semiconductor processes, and one of the industry's leading suppliers of this technology has just improved its offerings. Peregrine Semiconductor Corp. (San Diego, CA) has just announced the availability of its new quarter-micron UltraCMOS silicon-on-sapphire process technology for foundry services. The versions of the new technology, the GA and GC processes, complement the company's existing half-micron FA and FC processes, and will push transistor performance to maximum cutoff frequencies exceeding 100 GHz. The initial quarter-micron foundry offerings will be available on a quarterly basis beginning with the fourth quarter of 2004 through multiproject runs, which allow customers to fabricate their designs as a designated part of a wafer. Peregrine's foundry engineering group provides all necessary design support, including a Cadence-based front-end-to-back-end process design kit (PDK). Customers can purchase a wafer tile area of 3 mm square on a shared mask set and receive a minimum of 50 semiconductor dice.

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