GPS Chip Offers 160-dBm Tracking Sensitivity

TO SATISFY GLOBAL POSITIONING SYSTEM (GPS) solutions' demand for higher sensitivity, long battery life, and instant location capture, the u-blox 6 CMOS chip vows to enable significantly extended battery life. By extending the last chip generation's acquisition engine to over 2 million correlators with acquisition under 1 s, this chip exhibits stronger acquisition capability of weak signals and a shorter time to first fix. It boasts 147 dBm acquisition sensitivity from a cold start and 160 dBm tracking sensitivity. The u-blox 6 offers an update rate of 5 Hz. It supports ultra-low-power logging and geo-tagging applications based on the firm's proprietary Capture & Process technology. Power management is user configurable. In addition to GPS, u-blox 6 can be applied to new European GALILEO satellite systems. It also is qualified for automotive applications. The u-blox 6 is available as a single chip, chipset, or complete modules (LEA and NEO families). First samples of the GPS receiver UBX-G6010 single chip and UBX-G6000/G0010 chipset will be available by the end of the year.

u-blox AG, Zrcherstrasse 68, 8800 Thalwil, Switzerland; +41 44 722 74 44, FAX: +41 44 722 74 47, Internet:

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