ADCs Aim For New Low-Power Marks

High performance and extremely low power consumption characterize a new family of analog-to-digital converters (ADCs) from Linear Technology. The LTC2220 family of ADCs totals 24 devices, with currently available 10- and 12-b models working at sampling rates from 10 to 170 MSamples/s. Future models will be available with 14-b resolution at sampling rates to 80 MSamples/s. According to Bob Reay, Vice-President and General Manager of the company's Mixed Signal Business Unit, "We have raised the performance bar by providing our customers with a broad family of ADCs that delivers both outstanding AC performance and low power."

For example, model LTC2222 is a 12-b ADC that provides sampling rates to 105 MSamples/s with only 475 mW power consumption, while model LTC2233 is a 10-b ADC that provides sampling rates to 80 MSamples/s with only 366 mW power consumption. The +3.3-VDC converters, which are supplied in 7-mm-square QFN packages, are ideal for WCDMA cellular base station transceivers, power-amplifier linearization schemes, and cable-modem termination systems.

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