Variable Attenuators Reach 110 GHz

A line of continuously variable attenuators has been developed for millimeter-wave applications through 110 GHz. Available in ridged waveguide sizes from WR-10 through WR-22, the five models cover five frequency bands from 33 to 110 GHz (33 to 50, 40 to 60, 50 to 75, 60 to 90, and 75 to 110 GHz), all with attenuation that can be adjusted over a range from 0 to 30 dB. The attenuation level for each unit is adjusted using a micrometer, enabling repeatable and rapid re-setting to different attenuation levels. Attenuation remains flat with frequency and insertion loss ranges from a low of 0.5 dB at the lowest frequencies to 1.0 dB at the highest frequencies. The rugged variable attenuators are suited for a wide range of uses, including in medical, industrial, aerospace, and military applications.

Pasternack Enterprises, 17802 Fitch, Irvine, CA 92614; 866-727-8376

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