Tiny Trimmers Reach To 10 GHz

Tiny Trimmers Reach To 10 GHz

Sapphire trimmer capacitors in the V9000 series are miniature components offering tunable capacitances from 1 to 12 pF in compact housings. In spite of being only 0.64 in. across at the minimum capacitance value, these components are rated for working voltages to 2 kV and can handle voltages as high as 3 kV at frequencies as high as 10 GHz.

KnowlesThe sapphire trimmers maintain stable performance with time and temperature and are mechanically strong and moisture resistant. They feature high quality factor (Q) of 3000 minimum at 100 MHz and they are compatible with SAC 305 reflow solder processing. These nonmagnetic trimmers are well suited for applications in magnetic-resonance-imaging (MRI) circuits and systems according to the firm’s strict traceability and testing regimes.

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