Programmable Pad Attenuates 40 GHz

Programmable Pad Attenuates 40 GHz

A programmable 10-b digital attenuator provides as much as 32-dB attenuation from 14 to 40 GHz.

Broadband programmable 10-b digital attenuator model DTA-14G40G-32-CD-2 operates from 14 to 40 GHz with as much as 32-dB attenuation controlled in attenuation steps as fine as 0.04 dB. It suffers 9-dB typical insertion loss with 2.0:1 typical VSWR and handles as much as +24 dBm input power with a typical 1-dB compression point of +10 dBm. The component features attenuation flatness of ±0.74 dB for 10-dB attenuation and ±1.61 dB for 30-dB attenuation. The attenuation accuracy is ±0.26 dB for 0 to 10 dB attenuation, ±0.08 dB for 10 to 20 dB attenuation,  and ±0.10 dB for 20 to 30 dB attenuation. The maximum on-time switching speed of 1 μs and maximum off-time switching speed of 0.5 μs. The attenuator, which measures 2.0 × 1.8 × 0.5 in., draws 40 mA at +15 VDC.

Planar Monolithics Industries (PMI), Inc., 7311-F Grove Rd., Frederick, MD 21704; (301) 662-5019, FAX: (301) 662-1731.

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