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Making Connections With Flexible Cables

Making Connections With Flexible Cables

Flexible cables will be on display at Booth 508 at the 2014 IEEE IMS, where Molex will offer practical replacements for semirigid cable assemblies. The company’s Temp-Flex coaxial cable assemblies terminated in the firm’s low-loss coaxial connectors combine for high-performance, flexible coaxial interconnect solutions. According to Darren Schauer, product manager for Molex, “Semi-rigid assemblies can suffer performance degradation and a shortened life-span when they are bent to fit into today’s smaller modules.  By bringing together our flexible cable capabilities with our advanced RF connector termination expertise, Molex delivers a product that can easily be installed into virtually any size device, while still providing superior electrical performance and remaining competitively priced.” The cable assemblies are available in a wide range of standard and custom options and comply with both US and European standards.

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