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Filters Forego Reflections to 21 GHz

Microwave filters have been known to generate their share of reflected signals, often suffering from out-of-band standing waves as a result. Fortunately, absorptive/reflectionless filters from Mini-Circuits provide essentially reflectionless performance from DC to 21 GHz. They are available in lowpass, highpass, and bandpass configurations with stopbands to 35 GHz. As one example, model XBF-282+ is a reflectionless bandpass filter with passband of 2350 to 3150 MHz and stopbands of DC to 1810 MHz and 3.8 to 20.0 GHz. Passband VSWR is 1.20:1 while stopband VSWR, a measure of reflections, is impressive at only 1.50:1.

For another example, model XLF-982+ is a lowpass filter with passband of DC to 9.8 GHz. It exhibits 14-dB rejection across a stopband from 19 to 22 GHz. The passband VSWR is 1.20:1, with passband insertion loss of less than 1 dB from DC to 9.8 GHz. The insertion loss at 13 GHz is still less than 3 dB. The reflectionless filters are supplied in QFN packages measuring 3 {MULT} 3 mm.

The reflectionless filters along with a wide range of active and passive RF/microwave components and programmable test equipment are on display at Mini-Circuits’ EDI CON booth #215. 

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