Filters Fit Lowpass And Bandpass Needs

Filters Fit Lowpass And Bandpass Needs

New lowpass filters (LPFs) and bandpass filters (BPFs) based on lumped-element inductive-capacitive (LC) technology have been developed for operating frequencies from 10 to 1700 MHz. As an example of the BPF products, model AE1075B11144 is a surface-mount-technology (SMT) filter measuring just 47 × 15 × 7 mm with a center frequency of 1075 MHz and bandwidth of 1050 MHz. It achieves 20-dB attenuation out of band at 490 MHz and 40 dB minimum attenuation at 1800 MHz. The passband insertion loss is 3 dB or less with minimum return loss of 13 dB. As an example of the LPF products, model AE1600L9159 is also an SMT filter measuring just 13 × 12 × 5.3 mm with a bandwidth of 1370 to 1600 MHz and only 2 dB maximum insertion loss. The rejection at 3088 MHz is at least 25 dB. These filters handle operating temperatures from -45 to +85°C.

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