The Eductika kit comes with antenna passive and active components depending on which lesson is chosen Image courtesy of Elliptika
<p>The Eductika kit comes with antenna, passive, and active components depending on which lesson is chosen. (Image courtesy of Elliptika)</p>

Educational Kit Helps Simplify The RF Puzzle

Curricula centered around teaching the fundamentals of radio-frequency (RF) technology theory, simulation, implementation, and measurement has a new weapon in the arsenal—the Eductika teaching kit developed jointly by Anritsu and Elliptika. Anritsu’s Master series of handheld vector network analyzers (VNAs) serves as part of the complete turnkey education solution, which also contains basic subsets of microwave passive components.

Watch a video on using the passive components in the kit below, courtesy of Elliptika:

Eductika allows college and university students to build partial or complete passive microwave functions from basic puzzle elements. Through that, they can learn, for example, the physics of microstrip lines, impedance matching devices, and the measurement and synthesis of elementary and higher complexity functions. In addition, the kit helps students become familiar with conventional microwave devices developed in planar technology, as well as the mathematical synthesis tools and issues in relation with the measurement of such devices.

All puzzle pieces are clearly marked with their impedance and length for easy identification. Magnetic pieces, such as feeders and straight, tee, or cross-junction connectors, assist in connecting items. Devices can be created an infinite amount of times and measured using the VNA, fulfilling the theory-design-assembly-measurement workflow. To help students understand the measurements, ANSYS worked with Elliptika to develop a toolkit library for ANSYS DesignerRF, which also provides tutorials.

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