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Drop-In Circulator Passes 420 To 450 MHz

Circulators and isolators are critical components in many high-power RF/microwave systems. VidaRF will be on hand at the 2012 IMS (booth No. 1521) to showcase its various lines of passive componentsincluding its compact model VDC-04200450-3 drop-in circulator, designed for applications from 420 to 450 MHz. It is rated for power levels of 400 W and suffers only 0.25-dB insertion loss with a VSWR of 1.20:1. In spite of high 21-dB isolation between ports, the miniature circulator measures only 1.375 x 1.375 x 0.560 in. It is designed for operating temperatures from -40 to +85°C, and is supplied with a circuit tab that can be kept straight or bent flush for ease of mounting. In addition to its circulators and isolators, the firm will offer samples of its directional couplers, power dividers, RF connectors, and cable assemblies at the show.

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