Connector Couples High-Speed Signals

Connector Couples High-Speed Signals

A high-speed connector has been developed for low-loss 10-Gigabit-Ethernet applications.

The CeeLok FAS-T connector is designed for use in 10-Gigabit-Ethernet systems, with a patented T-shaped pin pattern that provides noise cancellation and decoupling to minimize crosstalk. The connector features a square flange receptacle that is just 0.913 in. on a side and provides excellent protection in high-speed, high-vibration use, including in commercial and military applications. The 100-Ω connector meets requirements for cat 5e and cat 6a cabling and can be used with various other high-speed protocols. The integral backshell provides 360-deg. shielding while maintaining low weight. The new connector is now available in square flange receptacle shell versions for both wire-applied and printed-circuit-board (PCB) applications, with electroless nickel or low-reflectivity black zinc nickel plating.

Tyco Electronics Corp., a TE Connectivity Ltd. Co., 1050 Westlakes Dr., Berwyn, PA 19312; (610) 893-9800. 

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