Coaxial Contacts Bring RF To VPX Platforms

Coaxial Contacts Bring RF To VPX Platforms

SV Microwave says its latest floating SMPM coaxial contacts ensure excellent RF performance in any VPX platform mating condition. The high-density VITA 67 devices, also designed for side-by-side implementation with VITA 46 hardware, can be cabled to most 0.086 and smaller coaxial cable types. Specific parts include the SF1132-6037, a four-position motherboard SMPM module for VITA 67.1; the SF1132-6036, an eight-position motherboard SMPM module for VITA 67.2; the SF9321-60015, an SMPM plug-in card four-position coaxial module for VITA 67.1; and the SF9321-60013 SMPM plug-in card eight-position coaxial module for VITA 67.2. The 3221-40022 and3221-40019 are SMPM contacts for 0.086-in and 0.047-in cables, respectively. The standardized microwave interconnects comply with MIL-STD 810 for shock and vibration. Their rear-panel interface accelerates disconnection and replacement of cards, and an SV connector retention mechanism facilitates assembly and disassembly into a daughtercard module. Applications include aerospace and defense systems, such as SIGINT, EWR, ground-basestation/communication systems, avionics, and radar.


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