Capacitors Channel Broad Bandwidths

Broadband capacitors are usable over wide operating-temperature ranges at frequencies as high as 50 GHz.

Broadband capacitors in the 0402BB103, 0402BB104, and 0201BB104 lines from Passive Plus are intended for coupling extremely broadband RF/microwave signals or for bypassing them over wide bandwidths. These “BB” series capacitors are suitable for applications in the “signal integrity” market; for circuits handling high-speed data; in transmit/receive assemblies; in optical networks; in broadband test equipment; and in high-frequency amplifiers and oscillators. These miniature, surface-mount-technology (SMT) capacitors are usable with signals at kHz frequencies through high GHz ranges at operating temperatures from -55 to +85°C. The 0201BB104 models, for example, are supplied in a 0201 case size and provide low-loss, resonant free operation (at their 3-dB points) from 16 kHz through beyond 50 GHz.

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