Image courtesy of WL Gore
<p>(Image courtesy of W.L Gore).</p>

Cable Assemblies Extend Past 60 GHz

Measurements are an essential part of any design process, but they become challenging in the millimeter-wave range, especially when attempting to connect test gear to a device under test (DUT). For that reason, W. L. Gore & Associates have been developing coaxial cable assemblies that deliver stable electrical performance over time and at frequencies from 60 to 70 GHz in support of signal generators and analyzers in the millimeter-wave frequency range. On display at the IMS 2016 at Booth No. 1547 will be a new vector network analyzer (VNA) cable assembly with low-loss performance through the millimeter-wave range. This high-performance cable assembly not only maintains stable amplitude and phase characteristics through 70 GHz for accurate VNA measurements, it remains stable over time so that measurement accuracy due to cable flexure and interconnections is ensured. Along with these 70-GHz VNA test cables, Gore will be showing an assortment of its GORE{R} PHASEFLEX{R}RF/microwave test cable assemblies, which are designed to maintain their mechanical and electrical characteristics over time and with repeated flexures. Don’t get bent out of shape over your next test setup—visit Gore at IMS Booth No. 1547.

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