Adapter Kit Makes Connections To 34 GHz

The P2RFA-4031-01 adapter kit from RF Industries provides three 3.5-mm precision adapters in a compact, foam-lined, zippered case. All three adapters are designed for 50-O use and are formed of non-magnetic 303 stainless steel with beryllium copper contacts supported with a bead configuration. The adapters can operate to 34 GHz with maximum VSWR of 1.05+0.006 f (with f in GHz)for example, 1.11:1 maximum VSWR at 10 GHz. Featuring the same electrical length, they inter-mate with 2.9-mm and SMA connectors, making them ideal for matching different components to test equipment. Female contacts feature a four-slot configuration, ensuring that pressure is distributed evenly during the engagement of the male pina design which, when combined with a shortened male pin, eliminates misalignment during engagement. The adapter models include the models RF35M-35M-00000 male-to-male, RF35F-35F-00000 female-to-female, and RF35M-35F-00000 male-to-female adapters.

RF Industries
7610 Miramar Rd.
San Diego, CA 92126
(800) 233-1728
(858) 549-6340
FAX: (858) 549-6345
e-mail: [email protected]

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