ADC Runs At 250 MSamples/s

ADC Runs At 250 MSamples/s

A new analog-to-digital converter (ADC) is promising to enable receiver systems to support up to 125 MHz of direct bandwidth in extremely small forms. The 14-bit ADS4449, which hails from Texas Instruments (TI), boasts four channels and speed of 250 MSamples/s. It packs four 14-bit ADCs into a single unit, increasing performance capabilities while reducing the amount of power needed.

The ADS4449 is compact in terms of board space--38% more so than even dual-channel ADCs. The 69-dB SNR and 86-dBc SFDR at 250 MSPS enable high performance while only using 365 mW per channel. The ADC can also be combined with TI’s LMH6522 4-channel DVGA, 4-output TRF3765 wideband PLL/VCO and the LMK04800 clock jitter cleaner, creating  a small four-channel IF receiver that also provides an additional 31dB of dynamic range and low phase noise.

This ADC can be used for multiple input/output base stations and munitions guidance or for phased-array radars and other greater density applications. The ADS4449 helps maintain a more dynamic performance and a stronger signal bandwidth, all while reducing the cost of the entire performance. The ADS4449EVM is priced at $599 (IBIS model also available) while the following are available in a 10-x-10-mm BGA package in 1000-unit quantities: the ADS4449 at $199.85, ADS58H40 at $168.95 and ADS58H43 at $139.13.

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