Partnership Results In High-Permeability Magnetic Shielding Tubing

WARWICK, RIA.T. Wall Company has partnered with the MuShield Company to develop the M Shield seamless, high-permeability magnetic shielding tubing that ranges to 20 feet in length. Depending on the welding method used, this tubing's shielding capability promises to be 20 to 30 percent better than a formed and welded product. The tubing can hold outside and inside diameters to +/-0.002 inches along with wall thicknesses within 0.002 inches. The seamless tubing is available with wall thicknesses from 0.005 through 0.250 inches. Sizes range from outside diameters of 0.080 to 2.625 inches.

The tubing meets the standards of ASTM A753-08, standard specification for wrought nickel-iron soft magnetic alloys. It vows to provide complete shielding homogeneity and attenuation uniformity throughout its walls and length. In addition, the tubing claims to decrease machining times significantly while saving on material costs, which is key for applications with tight tolerances on machined details and roundness. The product is well suited for applications that require precision- machined magnetic shield components or long lengths of small-diameter tubing. Typical applications include aircraft instrumentation, medical and surgical equipment, oil exploration, and imaging equipment.

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