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HTS Technology Advanced For Government/Military Applications

In December 2002, Superconductor Technologies (Santa Barbara, CA) acquired high-temperature-superconductor (HTS) company Conductus. Although both companies at the time were focused on providing solutions for cellular base-station customers, such as the SuperLink receiver from Superconductor Technologies (over 3000 systems are currently employed in cellular base stations to extend range and increase capacity), the former Conductus facility (Sunnyvale, CA) is now targeting government and military applications. During a recent visit with Joe Madden, President of the facility now known as STI Government Products, the results of funding from such organizations as DARPA and the Naval Research Laboratories (NRL) were evident in a variety of fixed-frequency and tuned filters, low-noise amplifiers, and cryogenic-packaged front-end assemblies. Designed to extend the range of ELINT surveillance receivers, these HTS products include fixed-frequency filters at center frequencies from 157 MHz to 6 GHz and fractional bandwidths as narrow as 0.016 percent, LNAs with noise figures of 0.5 dB and less, and cryogenically cooled tunable filters with as much as 100 dB signal rejection as close as 400 kHz from a 2-GHz band edge.

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