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Anaren Ceramics Contracted for Airborne Radar System

Anaren Ceramics has received a $7.2 million order for LTCC assemblies from a major defense prime contractor.

Anaren Ceramics, a subsidiary of Anaren, Inc., has received a $7.2 million order from a leading prime contractor for low-temperature-cofired-ceramic (LTCC) hardware in support of an airborne radar system application. Booked last quarter, the LTCC order is expected to ship over the next several quarters.

Anaren Ceramics brings a great deal of experience and capabilities in LTCC technology, building LTCC hardware in a 65,000-ft.2 ceramic-focused manufacturing facility with a 9100-ft.2 Class 10,000 clean room. Quality is maintained by means of in-process laser particle monitoring and continuously monitored temperature and humidity.

Anaren, Inc.

Anaren Ceramics uses its own material growing and testing facilities to produce low-loss, high-power LTCC materials and circuits.

The manufacturing facility is ISO 9001:2008 certified for the design, production, and testing of thick-film resistors, thick-film chip attenuators, thick-film ceramic substrates, surface-mount assemblies, and LTCC circuits. Anaren’s LTCC technology extends from DC to beyond 44 GHz, with as many as 40 layers, gold or silver plating, and multiple viahole placements for layout flexibility.

“Anaren Ceramics has developed extensive manufacturing capabilities and proprietary metallization processes, in order to provide their customers with affordable production solutions for their complex LTCC requirements,” said David Kopf, president of  Anaren Space & Defense Group. “We are proud to continue our support of critical programs used to protect and defend our warfighters around the world,” he added.

In addition to its excellent low-loss, high-frequency performance, LTCC-based circuits are also capable of handling high power levels in relatively small footprints, making them attractive candidates for radar transmitters which must channel a great deal of high-frequency EM energy to focused-beam antennas or antenna arrays. Anaren Ceramics supports its extensive material manufacturing with research and production testing capabilities and can develop custom test programs according to specific application requirements.

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