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Rescue Robot Aids in Disaster Recovery

June 29, 2021
This rescue robot, designed for use in hazardous environments such as the Surfside, FL condo collapse, is operated from a mobile control station as far as 150 m away.

Risks to fire-fighters and other disaster warriors can be minimized by sending in the robot: a specially designed, remotely operated rescue robot adapted to withstand hazardous environments. It is fitted with cameras, lights, and wireless communications technology to enable safe sensing and control in situations that might prove fatal to human rescue workers, such as the ongoing search-and-rescue effort at the collapsed condominium in Surfside, FL.

The rescue robot (see the figure) was nominally developed by technology innovator Forth for work in a nuclear power site in Sellafield, Cambria, UK, for remote control at a safe distance from a command-and-control center. It can to a trailer with a fitted hopper to carry and spread sand and other absorbent materials in the cases of hazardous liquid spills. It is fitted with a spraying system to assist in the containment of nuclear spillage and has a sturdy grapple hook for moving large objects. The recuse robot can operated as far as 150 m from a mobile command and control station with live video streaming capability.

Mark Telford, managing director of Forth, said: “This is a first for Sellafield to have this type of remotely operated rescue robot. It is important for operators like Sellafield to plan for different scenarios and we are proud to have come up with such an innovative solution. We can adapt this technology for any industry or any organization which would benefit from a rescue robot helping keep humans safe.”

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