Alliance Works To Launch The World's First Panorama Movie Distribution Platform On Smartphones

Kokusai Kogyo Co. (KKC) Ltd. and Ubitus Inc. have entered a strategic business alliance to develop online distribution technology of panorama movie contents. When finished, the collaboration between the two companies will result in the world's first panorama movie distribution platform in the mobile market. Service providers may exploit the platform in order to provide a wide variety of panorama movie services on smartphones and connected mobile devices including the iPhone and iPad. Users will experience a seamless all-round sphere view of the motion picture, anytime, anywhere, by flicking, scrolling, and zooming the movie displayed on the touch screens. Live streaming features will be released in October 2010.

The potential audience for the panorama movie services to appeal to include, but not limited to:

Paid content service, distributing music, live sports, and celebrity contents.
Panorama live streaming for corporate teleconference, community events, and matchmaking parties.
Entertainment service facilities, such as wedding party memorial and amusement park promotions to create added value.
User Generated Contents (UGC) services with advertisement-sponsored revenue models.

The platform is provided through KKC's panorama movie authoring and playback technology and Ubitus' RichMedia Cloud technology, which distributes interactive contents to any Internet-connected devices through optimized interactive streaming protocol. The two companies will further collaborate in order to expand the online distribution business of panorama movies.

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