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Finding Our Evergreen Content

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Much of the access to today's internet content is by way of newsletters, search engines, and social media. All have significant drawbacks and are typically full of advertisements, not to mention the tracking that’s going on, making us all commodities.

Our websites do have ads and we do want to track you, too. However, we also want to provide you with technical content that’s worthwhile and insightful. Some of this is current, news-oriented content, but a bigger chunk is what’s often called “evergreen” content. The term refers to content that’s as relevant now as it was when it was first posted on the internet. Having been around for decades means we have lots of articles, webinars, etc. that fit into this category.

Our effort here is to show you related content once you locate an article. Why use a search engine when there are more related articles at your fingertips?

Article Navigation Links

The first thing you will notice about some of our evergreen content is that we have a few more navigational links at the top, and sometimes at the end, of the article. So, if you found “Phased-Array Antenna Patterns (Part 1)—Linear-Array Beam Characteristics and Array Factor via search, a newsletter, social media, or other means, now you can easily find other articles of the same type.

You might also have found multipart series like “System Design in the Library: Article Series. These are series designed to be read sequentially and are often available as a PDF ebook.

The navigation links are like a second set of breadcrumb links. There is a topic-based breadcrumb above the title of each individual article, e.g., “Technologies > Systems.” If you click on those links, you will be presented with a list of the latest articles of that type.

The reason for having both types of links on each article is that the regular breadcrumbs only find the latest content aligned by one topic aspect, while the navigational links are related to how articles are organized.

Landing Pages

You need to start somewhere, and that would be our Resources landing page. It includes the following items, where you can drill down to find our evergreen content:

Series Library
Multiple related articles are often available as ebook downloads. organized by topic.
Topic-oriented landing pages that reference our evergreen articles, archived webinars, and sites on the internet.
Learning About Technology
Collections of archived webinars organized by topic.
A list of our latest and upcoming webinars.
These are sponsored whitepapers on a wide range of topics.
Here, you'll find links to a plethora of articles related to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.
What's the Difference?
Ever wonder what the differences are between various technologies? Find out here.
A few of our regular contributors provide insights to sometimes odd or interesting areas.
Magazine Archives
You can download digital editions of our print magazine.
More Resources
Look here for a broad assortment of other resources found on our site.

The Series Library, TechXchange, and Learning About Technology sections are very similar in appearance, but each is distinct in its content and organization. The Series Library contains multipart articles, while Learning About Technology references only archive webinars. The TechXchanges are collections of links to all types of content, including article series and archived webinars.

These landing pages are a work in progress that will never end. It addresses new content that’s added daily, and it all will include the appropriate links. We’re also adding the links and topics for existing evergreen content based on your interests as time allows.

Want to Contribute an Article?

We accept contributed articles that are generic and technical in nature. Many of the articles found through the links above are provided by readers like you. The Contribute page contains the details about how you can provide an article for any of our sites.

Let us know if you’re interested in doing a series of articles. In that case, we can create the table of contents landing page and navigation links on the articles so that they can be easily found.


Our goal is to provide you with relevant technical content. The organization and navigation links covered here and implemented in articles on this site represent just one aspect of our sites. We’re also working on providing links based on the articles you read.

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