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About Softing Industrial Automation

We connect disparate automation components to provide data from the shop floor for control tasks and further analysis. In this way, we create the basis for optimizing your production.


7209 Chapman Highway
Knoxville, TN 37920

More Info on Softing Industrial Automation

Softing Industrial Automation helps you Get Connected and Stay Connected so you can Optimize Your Facility.

Get Connected.  Connect islands of PLCs together that talk different protocols.  Network new and legacy PLCs together with fiber optic communications solutions.  Connect PLCs to business systems, AWS cloud, Azure cloud, and SQL databases for metrics, analytics, and applications such as track and trace or high-speed sorting.  Softing has gateways, software, PLC in-chassis modules, and even SDKs (software development kits) to embed communications in your devices.  Get Connected so you can Optimize Your Facility.

Stay Connected.  Test Ethernet and PROFIBUS cables and active networks to troubleshoot, monitor, and prove the health of your network.  Test, troubleshoot, and even configure your HART, PROFIBUS, and FOUNDATION Fieldbus devices for Asset Management in parallel with the installed control system.   Softing provides Asset Management Solutions for field devices such as valves and transmitters and network troubleshooting solutions so you can keep your network connected.  Stay Connected so you can Optimize Your Facility.

Optimize Your Facility.  Getting connected and staying connected is foundational to your digital transformation journey.  Without the right industrial, built-for-purpose, connectivity tools, communications can be extremely challenging.  Softing has a unique portfolio of protocol conversion, PLC to cloud connectivity, asset management, industrial Ethernet networking modules, and testing solutions to get this job done.  By connecting disparate field devices, PLCs, control systems, and even business systems, you are on your way to a digital transformation that will help you stay competitive, grow revenue, increase margins, improve quality, meet customer commitments, be more efficient, increase performance, and achieve your business goals for process improvement.

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Mc1595 Press Image Sam9 X60 Som
Mc1595 Press Image Sam9 X60 Som
Mc1595 Press Image Sam9 X60 Som
Mc1595 Press Image Sam9 X60 Som

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