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About Greenerwave

Greenerwave is a pure deeptech developing revolutionary materials to control radio-frequency waves.


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More Info on Greenerwave

Greenertech is a pure deeptech developing revolutionary solutions, based on our unique know-how in smart materials and physics-inspired algorithms, to control radio-frequency waves.

Smart materials with tunable properties

  • Designed for mass market
  • Conventional PCB with off-the shelf electronics
  • Reflective control, agnostic to signal
  • Ultra-low power and high efficiency
  • Industry ready manufacturing

Deep physics algorithms to shape waves

  • Building up on decades of experience in wave control
  • Inspired from Wavefront shaping in complex media
  • Based on wave physics equations
  • Powered by AI

Packaged into leading edge solutions

  • Embedded into products with state-of-the-art functionalities
  • Driven by the use case and customer needs
  • High tech RF for mass market

Unlocking beamforming @mmWave

Conventional solutions at mmWave rely on custom and low efficiency RF circuits (MMICs). Leveraging wave control and off-the-shelf electronics, we revolutionize beamforming, achieving unmatched performances at low power and opening the way to ubiquitous broadband connectivity.

Our mmWave product ecosystem (X, Ku, Ka and V)

From user terminals for consumer broadband LEO to 5G beamformers and access point repeater/extenders, we develop a wide range of solutions. Our products meet the toughest challenges of their industry while cutting cost and energy consumption by a factor of 5. 

Agnostic to protocol, our RF passive and electronic beamforming adapts to any system.

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