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About Wi-Charge

Wi-Charge imagines a world where devices are charged over-the-air without user interference, and our planet is no longer littered with wires and disposable batteries.


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More Info on Wi-Charge

Wi-Charge is a long-range wireless power company founded to enable automatic charging of phones and other smart devices. Our patented infrared wireless power technology can safely and efficiently deliver several watts of power to client devices at room-sized distances. It gives end-users the freedom they crave, and product designers the power they need to usher in the next generation of mobile smart devices. Advancing beyond batteries and power cords, Wi-Charge delivers the future of power.

Articles & News

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Introduction to Wireless Power Technologies

May 11, 2023
Wireless charging, which is finally transitioning from labs into commercial deployments, means different things to different people. This article provides an overview and comparison...
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Gen2 Receiver Boosts Over-the-Air Wireless Charging

Feb. 16, 2023
Enhancements reduce footprint and increase power to expand range of devices, use cases, and capabilities for wireless charging.