Yank Technologies

Brooklyn, NY 11205


About Yank Technologies

Yank Tech is a wireless charging startup located in New Lab, an incubator space for creating emerging technologies.


New Lab, 19 Morris Ave.
Brooklyn Navy Yard, Building 128
Brooklyn, NY 11205

More Info on Yank Technologies

Wireless charging today is hindered by several limitations: high heat while in use, cross coupling, and a necessity for proper alignment. Surpassing these limitations, we strive to revolutionize charging technology by providing true wireless power solutions across multiple industry verticals.

Yank Tech has developed the first long-range, high power wireless charging ecosystem. Safe. Simple. No contact required. With proprietary antenna and amplifier developments in magnetic resonance, we are able to provide a scalable solution for variable ranges of power and far distances.

Videos & Resources

Ces Yank 1

Yank Technologies Demos Wireless-Charging Tech

Jan. 17, 2023
Yank Tech's CEO, Josh Yank, demonstrates the company's wireless-charging technology, which features proprietary antenna and amplifier developments in magnetic resonance.