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Tecate Group supplies high-quality ultracapacitors, capacitors, and electronic assemblies to a wide range of markets, including data storage, smart grid, military/aerospace, industrial, medical, and telecommunications.


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San Diego, CA 92108
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For over forty years, the Tecate Group has been a global manufacturer and supplier of electronic components and assemblies, bringing customers the power of the future, today. From its corporate headquarters and distribution center in San Diego, California, as well as from stocking locations in Asia and Europe, the Tecate Group supplies high-quality ultracapacitors, capacitors, and electronic assemblies to customers worldwide. Tecate serves a wide range of markets, including the data storage, smart grid, military/aerospace, industrial, medical, and telecommunications industries.

What has really set Tecate apart over the years is its commitment to customer service. The Tecate Group sells solutions, not merely products. With a seasoned and knowledgeable team to assist customers through every step of the selection, design, manufacturing, and delivery process, the Tecate experience offers customers something more than just another part. Tecate's highly experienced engineers are dedicated to making sure each customer is matched with the components that meet their product's exact specifications, whether that's a trio of capacitors matched to within 0.005% capacitance, a custom-designed audio assembly, or one of Tecate's own ultracapacitor modules with a quick-turn proof-of-concept sample. Tecate's in-house Quality Control department ensures that only top-quality components leave the line to head to the warehouse team for careful packaging and shipping to customers across the world, with satisfaction guaranteed every time.

Tired of buying components that don't quite fit your needs? Frustrated by the lack of responsiveness from your suppliers? Plagued with faults in the products you purchase? Maybe it's time for you to try the Tecate experience.


Tecate Industries was founded in 1975 by Ralph Scarano, a San Diego electronics engineer and entrepreneur with more than 60 years' experience in the capacitor industry. With the vision that capacitors could be cost-effectively manufactured in Mexico, Ralph selected the border town of Tecate as the location for his first manufacturing facility, giving the company not only its capacitors, but its name. By 1987, the company was headed by Ralph's son Bob Scarano and had grown enough to add a new division. Tecate Products was founded to meet the audio and automotive industries' needs for contract manufacturing and full turn-key design. Within a few short years, Tecate Products had received the QS9000 certification and built a client list that included eight of the ten largest national speaker manufacturers and all three of the major domestic automakers. In the early 2000s, the Tecate Industries and Tecate Products divisions merged into a single entity, the Tecate Group. Benefiting from the synergy developed through Tecate Industries' capacitor experience and Tecate Products' assembly experience, in 2004 the Tecate Group began to design, build, and market ultracapacitor cells and modules. Tecate pioneered the concept of the off-the-shelf module, which allowed customers to test the technology before designing their own custom modules, and the Tecate Group also launched an online store to support design engineers' need for quick delivery of small-quantity orders. Tecate is now the leading provider of ultracapacitors for the data storage and smart grid industries, with a high-profile customer list that continues to expand.

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