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Do You Share Your Content Sources with Other Engineers?

Aug. 17, 2023
Is sharing this type of information part of your collaboration regime?

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Many years ago, I was a brand new electrical engineer out of Georgia Tech. Prior to that, I was a co-op student/engineer with Burroughs Corp. playing around with mainframes and minicomputers. Getting the latest scoop on electronics was the realm of print magazines, which have since migrated to online versions and websites. The move to digital has many advantages, but finding things these days can be burdensome with our current crop of AI-enhanced search engines. 

Having your own subscription to all of the technical publications tended to generate lots of unnecessary paper, so it was common to have a single subscription per group with a paper list stapled to the front cover with the names of all engineers and programmers. You would read the publication, cross off your name, and drop it on the desk of the next person on the list. A common archive area was available to all. 

It saved paper and clutter, but it also provided a list of content sources that was very useful for new engineers like myself at the time. Similar things occurred when dealing with distributors and companies. 

These days, I'm on the other side of the publication and I was curious if anyone shares this kind of information with their peers these days. There are so many ways to do it, such as via social media. Likewise, with many people working from home, it's worthwhile discussing and sharing sources of information, hence the poll below.

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