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LTE Chipset Development

Still on the subject of Long Term Evolution, Sequans Communications, a 4G chipmaker, is using Rohde & Schwarz test equipment to align its next-generation LTE chipsets. The test solution is built around the R&S CMW500 radio communication tester and is based on the R&S CMWrun software. The software was adapted to Sequans' LTE chipsets and implemented in Sequans' test environment. The test software controls the device under test (DUT) and the R&S CMW500 aligns the DUT in the non-signaling mode.

The tester is suitable for all phases in the development and production of chipsets and wireless devices, as well as for lab tests at network operator locations. In a single box, it supports all common wireless communications standards and is also set-up to handle future standards. The R&S CMW500 is also a core component of the R&S TS8980 RF conformance test system, which Sequans uses for development and certification.

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