GaN Transistors Power Satcom, Radar

A new family of X-band power transistors from Cree, based on GaN high-electron-mobility-transistor (HEMT) technology, promises to provide new levels of RF/microwave power density in radar and satellite-communications (satcom) systems. On display at the 2012 IMS, these are impedance-matched 50- and 100-W GaN power transistors, one of each for satcom and commercial radar applications. Models CGHV96050F1 and CGHV96100F1 are intended for satcom use, delivering 50 and 100 W linear output power, respectively, from 7.9 to 8.4 GHz. Models CGHV96050F2 and CGHV96100F2 are designed for pulsed output power levels (with a 100-microsecond pulse at 10% duty cycle) of 50 and 100 W, respectively from 8.4 to 9.6 GHz. According to Jim Milligan, Cree's Director of RF and Microwave, "The new Cree X-Band GaN HEMT product family represents disruptive technology that we believe will set new standards of efficiency and performance for high-frequency, high-power applications such as satellite communications and X-band commercial radar. The performance advantages of higher power ratings, higher linear efficiency, and higher gain, combined with a reduced footprint, offer dramatic advantages when compared to GaAs MESFET transistors or TWT amplifiers. "We believe this new product family will deliver comprehensive system benefits, including superior thermal management and significantly-reduced power supply loads," he continues. "The new product family also offers a lower cost alternative to TWT amplifiers and associated high-voltage power supplies and linearization systems while improving overall system reliability." For more details on these high-power GaN impedance-matched (to 50Ω) transistors, visit Cree booth No. 2125.

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