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Tri-Band Log-Periodic Antenna Delivers Gain To 9 dBi

Designed for long-distance directional communication, the DB1-LP series of triband, log-periodic antennas operate from 824 to 960 MHz, 1.71 to 2.17 GHz, and 2.40 to 2.48 GHz. The antenna family provides vertical polarization, typical VSWR of =1.50:1 at center frequency, and a front-to-back ratio of at least 20 dB. It offers gain of -8.5 dBi from 824 to 960 MHz and -9.0 dBi from both 1.71 to 2.17 GHz and 2.40 to 2.48 GHz. The antennas handle power to 100 W. The 2.4-lb. antennas will withstand wind velocities of 75 mph. They also are made of UV-stabilized materials. The DB1-LP antennas vow to provide gain and directivity that is comparable to a Yagi antenna, but in a much smaller form factor. They include complete mounting hardware for standard masts. The antennas are available for less than $39.00 each in volume quantities.

Antenna Factor
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