Tiny Switch Connector Covers DC To 11 GHz

In the SWG series of RF switch connectors, designers will find an extremely small device that promises to enable reliable RF circuit testing throughout the product life cycle. Measuring just 2.0 x 2.0 x 0.9 mm, the connectors sport an expanded frequency range of DC to 11 GHz. In addition to their expanded operating frequency range, the SWG connectors exhibit insertion loss to 0.1 dB from DC to 3 GHz, 0.2 dB from 3 to 6 GHz, and 0.5 dB from 6 to 11 GHz. The connectors boast a maximum VSWR of 1.5:1. They also promise to provide a reliable contact, thanks to their beam spring and double-contact mechanism. The new connectors are made for a lifetime of more than 100 mating cycles with a design that reduces flux penetration. P&A: $0.35 each in sample quantities; 8 to 10 weeks once production starts in the fall.

Murata Electronics North America, 2200 Lake Park Dr., Smyrna, GA 30080-7604; (770) 436-1300, FAX: (770) 436-3030, Internet: www.murata.com

See Associated Figure.

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