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Six-Way Power Divider Seals Out Moisture

The DMS-648-2ES six-way power- divider series covers 6 to 20 GHz with 20 dB isolation. The airborne, moisture-sealed components exhibit 8.2 dB insertion loss and an input/output return loss of 17.7 dB. The maximum amplitude and phase balances are 1.2 and 10 deg., respectively. The power dividers boast input and output VSWR to 2.0:1 with input power ranging to 30 W. This series relies on a cascaded Wilkinson design approach, which is realized with microstrip circuit construction. The units are designed to survive MIL-E-5400 environments. The power dividers operate from -55 to +85C. Their casing is finished in golden iridite with optional paint available. They measure 3.5 x 2.1 x 0.38 in. and weigh less than 5 oz. The dividers come standard with SMA female connectors meeting MIL-C-39012 requirements.

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