Sector Antenna Boasts 13-dBi Gain

The SAH24-120- 12 horizontally polarized sector antenna operates from 2400 to 2500 MHz with 13 dBi gain and 120-deg. expanded- beamwidth horizontal polarization (HPOL). HPOL increases the range of the antenna over flat surfaces. It also minimizes the vertically polarized (VPOL) signals produced by electrical and wireless devices by cancelling them out. Optimized for low cross polarization and low sidelobes, the SAH24-120-12 is especially useful in spectrally crowded areas. The antenna represents a costeffective implementation in built-up areas for wireless-local-loop (WLL), multichannelmultipoint- distribution-service (MMDS), and point-to-multipoint applications. The SAH24- 120-12 is designed for 2.4-GHz Industrial- Scientific-Medical (ISM) band applications, IEEE 802.11x wireless systems, wireless-localarea- networking (WLAN) access points, wireless broadband systems, and wireless Internet. The rugged and lightweight antenna is ETSI SS-compliant.

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