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Passives-Model Library Offers Multiple-Simulator Licensing

The latest version (6.1) of the Modelithics CLR model library is now available for all currently supported simulators. This collection includes substrate and part-value scalable capacitor, resistor, and inductor families from vendors like Johanson Technology, ATC, Murata, Coilcraft, Kemet, Panasonic, Samsung, TDK, and Darfon. Many of the models in this release have been developed through partnerships with the component vendors themselves. With Version 6.1, users who have access to more than one circuit simulator can now take advantage of a multi-simulator license option. For users with node-locked or dongle licenses, an upgrade to a multi-simulator license option would allow them to, for example, use the same single license to run models on either Agilent ADS, Agilent Genesys, or AWR Microwave Office. Users with floating licenses can upgrade to the multi-simulator licensing option to share the same license pool flexibly between different simulators. Here, the number of simultaneous users is limited only by the total number of floating licenses "checked out," which can be used on any combination of circuit simulators. The CLR Version 6.1 upgrade will be forwarded free of charge to Modelithics CLR Library or Library Complete owners currently under a Modelithics Platinum Maintenance contract.

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