Pallet Amplifiers Satisfy S- And L-Band Radars

A pair of pallet amplifiers is available for use in S-band and L-band radar systems. The IBP2729MH300 is a 50- -matched, high-power pulsed pallet amplifier for S-band systems. It operates over the instantaneous bandwidth of 2.7 to 2.9 GHz. The amplifier supplies at least 300 W of peak pulse power with 100- s pulses at a 10 percent duty cycle. At 2.7 GHz, it operates at +36 VDC with 22.62 A collector current while delivering 363 W output power. It exhibits 11 dB input return loss. The model IBP2729MH300 requires 44 W input power to achieve its rated output power, providing 9.17 dB power gain. This pallet amplifier combines devices with hermetically sealed lids for optimum reliability in the harshest environmental conditions.

Its sibling, the ILP1214EL200, is the first in a series of high-power L-band, LDMOSbased pallet amplifiers. This 50- -matched, two-stage, high-power pulsed pallet amplifier covers 1215 to 1400 MHz. It supplies at least 200 W peak pulse power with 16-ms pulses at a 50 percent duty cycle with 22.3 dB gain. The amplifier operates with +30 VDC and 19.74 A current and exhibits 18 dB input return loss with 241 W output power. Both pallet amplifiers use transistors manufactured with a complete gold metal system (die, wire bond, and package) for maximum reliability in pulsed radar applications.

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