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OCXO Offers 0.6 ppb Stability From -40 To +85C

To address designers' need to add new services and functionality, maximize performance, and lower power consumption, the MX-041 "Super-Single" oven-controlled crystal oscillator (OCXO) leverages patented microprocessor correction technology. The single-oven source achieves a temperature stability of 0.6 ppb over a temperature range of -40 to +85C with low power consumption during both warmup and steady state. The MX-041 is housed in a lowprofile package with a height of 14.55 mm versus 25.4 mm for typical double-oven OCXOs. This reduced package height enables customers to meet tight height requirements without sacrificing electrical performance. The construction used in the "Super Single" produces superior short- and long-term stability with ADEV performance of 3 -12 at 1 second along with long-term aging of 10 ppb per year. The oscillator, which is the first in this series, serves base-station and test-and-measurement applications. It works off a supply voltage of +5 or +12 V. Devices are available with either an HCMOS or sine-wave output.

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