Miniature Lowpass Filters Serve Communications To 5.5 GHz

A series of lowpass filters (LPFs) is suitable for reducing harmonic signals in communications systems through 5.5 GHz. Designated the LP0402N series, the rugged thin-film filters are available in miniature 0402 case sizes with LGA termination from 787 MHz to 5.5 GHz. Thanks to thin-film technology, the filters boast superior performance at frequencies suitable for WiMAX, WiBro, and WLAN applications. From 3400 to 3600 MHz, for example, the LP0402N3500ANTR exhibits typical insertion loss of 0.3 dB with 19 dB return loss. It provides attenuation of 30 dB at two times the cutoff frequency (2F0) and 20 dB at three times the cutoff frequency (3F0). Its sibling, the LP0402N5200ANTR, typically exhibits 0.2 dB insertion loss and 19 dB return loss from 5050 to 5350 MHz. This LPF provides the same attenuation levels as the LP0402N3500ANTR. P&A: starting at $0.16 each, 10,000 qty.; stock to six weeks.

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