Mechanically Forgiving Interconnect Handles 165 W At 3 GHz

A range of board-to-board, module-to-module, and panel-to-panel RF coaxial interconnects have been spawned to address telecommunications applications required for new compact infrastructure equipment, such as base stations or handheld devices. Four different product groups and 10 connector series are offered including the latest SMP-MAX, SMP-Spring, IMP-Spring, and other misalignment solutions. For its part, the SMP-MAX large-misalignment solution has a patented impedance-matching insulator that is optimized for a larger operating gap between connectors. This feature makes it easier for engineers to handle a maximum boardto- board distance tolerance to a 0.078-in. (2-mm) gap without a spring, which is 300 percent more than the standard SMP. The SMP-MAX solution also features a 3-deg. tilt (radial travel). It operates from DC to 6 GHz while guaranteeing maximum VSWR of 1.20:1 to 3 GHz. The interconnect promises to handle as much as 165 W at 3 GHz. The IMP-Spring, SMP-Spring, and MMBXSpring spring-loaded solutions are well suited for both increased board-to-board distance misalignment tolerances to 0.078 in. (2 mm) and tilt (radial travel) to 4.5 deg. In addition, these spring-loaded solutions have a consistent low VSWR down to 1.15:1 at 3 GHz.

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