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Float-Mount Design Translates Into Low VSWR

The newest version of CST Studio Suite integrates cable, printed circuit board (PCB), and electromagnetic-compatibility (EMC)/ electromagnetic-interference (EMI) simulation. One of the tools within this software package, CST Cable Studio, is focused on the analysis of signal integrity (SI), EMC, and EMI effects in cable-harness systems. For example, CST Cable Studio can be used to study signal propagation on cable harnesses with high efficiency. Applications include the optimization of shielding; weight and space consumption on single wires; twisted pairs; and complex cable harnesses with an unlimited number of cables. The CST Studio Suite is part of CST Design Environment, which also provides access to CST Microwave Studio, a timedomain solver for the optimization of full three-dimensional (3D) components with respect to signal integrity. Signal currents can be used in CST Microwave Studio to represent excitation sources for EMC/EMI analysis. The entire system can be synthesized in CST Design Studio, which is also used to access and modify individual system components. Through this integrated workflow, SI and EMC issues should be addressed early in the design process, reducing the number of cut-and-try iterations.

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