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Contacts Eliminate Replacements Due To Misalignment

Thanks to some recent enhancements, the stamped-and-formed Trident T2P contacts now offer high-level alignment for secure mating, smooth and easy assembly and disassembly, and improved reliability. They are therefore well suited for use in harsh environments. To specifically address concerns about the original contacts' reliability in military applications, the enhancements provide for full contact intermateability and interchangeability with all compatible connectors. As a result, connectors incorporating the Trident T2P contacts are a good fit for military applications in addition to industrial and transportation environments. The stamped-and-formed T2P contacts virtually eliminate the need to replace damaged contacts due to misalignment issues. In sealed situations where a contact requires replacement, the new T2P design prevents damage to the grommet on removal or insertion (sealing is found on the Trident Neptune Series only). The Trident T2P contacts are available in standard brass or high-conductivity copper alloy body styles. Both versions offer tin, gold, or gold-flash plating options, have a current rating to 16 A, can accommodate wire sizes of 14-26 AWG, and boast a lifespan to 200 mating cycles. P&A: $0.10 to $0.30 per contact depending on quantity and contact type; four to six weeks.

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