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Connectors Boast 5000+ M? Insulation Resistance At +500 VDC

By implementing an aluminum-compatible hermetic receptacle, the microComp rectangular connectors promise to shave weight in harsh-environment applications. That hermetic receptacle provides an insulation resistance of greater than 5000 MΩ at +500 VDC when tested in IAW MIL-STD 1344, Method 3003. It is built with beryllium copper-alloy contacts that are finished in nickel/gold. The microComp receptacle operates from -55 to +170C. It is designed for aluminum, titanium, or iron/ nickel alloy applications and is available in both laser-weldable or O-ring mount styles. Currently, the hermetic receptacle is designed for the microComp 25-pin configuration. Compared to stainless-steel alternatives, it offers weight savings to 40 percent. It has a leak rate of less than 1 x 10-9 cm3/s helium at one atmospheric differential pressure, thanks to proprietary Kryoflex polycrystalline ceramic. Compared to conventional products, the Kryoflex-sealed connectors vow to provide as much as 70 times the current-carrying capacity while withstanding extreme mechanical and thermal stresses. The microComp receptacle connectors are available in a double-ended bulkhead configuration for applications requiring an interconnection on both sides. They can be built with as few as seven or as many as 104 contacts. The connectors have a contact pitch of 2.0 x 1.7 mm2. Each connector offers dismountable contact construction for wiring flexibility.

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