Composite Connectors Offer Alternative To Brass

Engineers now have a lightweight, low-cost substitute for brass connectors in a line of N and 7/16 composite connectors with over 20 new variations of plugs, jacks, and receptacles. The connectors' single-piece design permits contact pressure to be equally distributed by diverting the entire tightening torque force through pressure on the ground contact junction. This feature improves intermodulation performance. For the 7/16 receptacles, for example, third-order intermodulation is better than -125 dBm. The 7/16 connectors also boast a low operating VSWR to 1.10:1 through 7.5 GHz. The composite materials guarantee as many as 500 matings with more than a 50 percent reduction in weight. These connectors are manufactured with corrosion-free composite materials that are UV resistant and meet IEC 68-2-5 and IEC-68-2-9 standards. They are designed to be installed in telecommunications equipment. The modular design of these N and 7/16 connectors offers multiple termination possibilities to fit many other applications using a standard composite outer housing.

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