Compact Dielectric Filters Serve W-CDMA And LTE Amplifiers

Compared to previous filter generations, a pair of block-type RF dielectric filters claims to require 72 percent less mounting space. The DFCL series filters measure just 10.6 x 6.0 x 4.8 mm. The filters offer maximum ripple of 0.4 dB maximum within 30 MHz of the center frequency and 1.2 dB maximum within 65 MHz of the center frequency. As a result, they can produce the flat, broadband response curves required at the passband by for digital-predistortion (DPD) amplifier designs. These characteristics make them well suited for cellular base-station applications that use DPD. Additionally, these filters can be used in microcells and femtocells. The DFCL series filters also vow to provide superior selectivity and ripple performance, which are critical features in W-CDMA Band 1 and Long Term Evolution (LTE) DPD amplifiers. A sophisticated multi-pole design ensures that desired signals are properly passed while others are rejected. P&A: $6 in 1000Q; 10 weeks. Murata Electronics North America, 2200 Lake Park Dr., Smyrna, GA 30080-7604; (770) 436-1300, FAX: (770) 436-3030, Internet:

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